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Journaleer Homework.

Ok so i am going to try and post Links to my Journaleer Homework here, im not promising to do it all the time, but when i do, if ya wanna read it this is the place to come!
Original Homework posts will be in my waffle blog.


Journaleer Homework Information.

So whats it all about? [text quoted is from the journaleers live journal site.]
"Who are the Journaleers? We are a group of people who are interested and enthusiastic about keeping personal journals. Our group developed at out of a New Year's Resolution to write more regularly or to start a personal journal. One BookCrosser, rainbowbabe, took it upon herself to lead and motivate the group that developed. To encourage regular writing, each week a "Roll Call" was posted, and stars awarded to anyone who had written at least once. Those who hadn't managed any entries received a :-) of encouragement.

Soon, optional "Homework" assignments were posted weekly to keep entries interesting and creative. Past assignments have included parodying poems, "happy lists" and telling the story behind why journaling is important.

After one year of being in “class,” many of the Journaleers had become LiveJournal enthusiasts. To give us a “home” on the Internet, we moved our base of operations to the journaleers

Here’s how it works:

Once a week, the maintainer or designated substitute will post “Roll Call.” Those wishing to check in for the week comment to the post and tell how their journaling went for the week.

Also once a week, the maintainer or designated substitute will post a “homework assignment” for those who want to write something different (and fun) in their journals. We encourage members to post their completed homework to the thread, and to offer encouraging feedback to others.

Roll call and homework are both optional

Also, we do have a policy against posting off-topic. Appropriate posts include Journaleer Roll-Call, Homework Ideas, Homework Assignments, Completed Homework, and Journaling-related posts. All other posts will be deleted at the maintainers’ discretion.

If you are interested in formally joining our community, please request membership.

Happy Journaling!"

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